If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.
- Mary Kay Ash

Hilltop Innovation founders are experienced business-development professionals with a proven record of helping organizations identify and assess growth opportunities and strategic initiatives. We recognize that as leaders and managers promote entrepreneurial vision, they must possess the tools to effectively assess opportunities within the strategic boundaries of the business. We are committed to serving the best interests of our client companies and providing them with clear and strategically viable pathways for innovation.

Lynne M. Galligan, Managing Director

Prior to founding Hilltop Innovation, Lynne served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Business Development for Avery Dennison Corporation. She focused on creating technology-driven new businesses such as electronics and medical products. She led global development efforts for new products and technology, providing technical leadership throughout the organization. She also spearheaded the development of Opportunity Analysis, a market-driven commercialization process.

Lynne was previously the Director of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at General Electric. She launched General Electric’s entry into combinatorial chemistry for the development of catalysts for polymer synthesis in an initiative funded by Jack Welch. In 1994, she became General Manager of the Dow-owned biotechnology spin-off, Dendritech, Inc., where she successful developed a business plan that netted $11M in venture funding. She commenced her career in the product-development group at Dow Corning, where she significantly improved business profitability with her attention to the personal care market. When she left Dow Corning, she was general manager of one of their largest divisions.

Lynne holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Western Washington University, an M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Illinois, and an MBA in Marketing from Central Michigan University. She has been involved with United Way, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Chamber of Commerce, and Equestrian Trails Inc.


Jeffrey D. Parr, Business Solutions

Jeff brings knowledge management and programming expertise to the development of custom applications supporting corporate business development. Prior to their founding of Hilltop Innovation, Jeff worked with Lynne to develop solutions to a number of challenges at Avery Dennison.

Jeff began his career at the height of the dot-com explosion, allowing him to obtain experience in a number of computer languages, platforms and environments. He has expert knowledge in web development, application development and integration, a number of enterprise software packages, networking and hardware. He uses his diverse background to develop collaborative team workspaces, portfolio management, project tracking, and process-management solutions.

Jeff has a degree in Personality/Industrial Psychology from Michigan State University with a focus on testing, as well as extensive training in Computer Science, Math, Statistics, Physics, and Chemistry. He is proficient in a wide range of technologies, including Microsoft, Linux, and Lotus platforms. He regularly programs in multiple languages in order to use the best tools for the job. He has advanced capabilities in new integration technologies such as XML and Web Services and is well versed in multiple database technologies including SQL. As part of the Hilltop team, he has also been intimately involved in various aspects of market research.

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